Oliver's Hair Replacement Dallas specializes in Wigs and Hair Extensions made from Human Hair

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Oliver's Hair Replacement Dallas, specializes in Wigs and Hair Extensions made from Human Hair, for Chemotherapy, Alopecia, Trichotillomania, and Male Pattern Baldness.

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On sight repairs and hair adds to your existing unit.
The Latest Non-Surgical Hair Replacement Technology
Repair and Hair Additions for Men and Women

  Our Wigs and Hair Extensions can be made from Human Hair

 Oliver's Specializes in making Human Hair Wigs for Chemotherapy Patients using their own hair if desired.

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Wigs Dallas , Hair Extensions made from Human Hair. Hair Replacements By Oliver, has been providing Quality Hair Replacement Solutions throughout Texas since 1968. Oliver's Hair Replacements Dallas Texas,Specializing in the latest Non Surgical Technology for Male or Female Pattern Baldness, Thinning Hair, Alopeceia. Oliver's Hair Replacement Specializes in making Human Hair Wigs for Chemotherapy Patients, using their own Hair if desired. Hair Replacement, and Hair Restoration Technology Solutions Include: Hair Piece, Human Hair Wigs, and Toupee's. We also sell hair accessories for men's hair, women's hair, and children's hair. We Offer Hair Replacement Solutions in Human and also Synthetic Hair. Our Specialist have Extensive Training in: Hair Piece Cut In's,Styling, Hair Piece,Wigs or Toupee Coloring, Attachments,Hair extensions, and Hair Piece Repair. For Questions Please Call 214-826-0060